Sunday, 18 July 2010

HELP FOR HEROES pike fishing fundraiser!

Right the good bit fishing on the fishery is now concrete set in stone confirmed, I have 14 boats for the day that I will need advance bookings for, (well 13 one boats already been booked by Mr Jones from Inverness) the cost of the boats are going to be £40 for two anglers this covers all permits and fuel. So don’t be shy email me with your details if you require a boat for the event.

Bank fishing for the event looks like its going to be £10 per angler this will if possible include the days fishing and something from the BBQ in the evening (I am still trying to confirm the BBQ catering arrangements).

Loch Venachar fisheries management have very kindly agreed to do a breakfast roll and mug of tea or coffee for £3 (there will be a portion of this donated to the H4H charity).

I am working on the posters as we speak and they will be sent out to various tackle shops places of interest throughout the UK as well as the angling media.

Once again sorry I've not been keeping this updated things got a bit mental recently.



guy's boat's are being booked up fast so i you want a boat get in toutch with scobes on his email addy above or if your wanting bank fishing or to offer help in any othr way,same again drop a email to let him know?