Sunday, 17 February 2013

Presentation night raffle

Our presentation night is now on the 22nd March at the Chieftain Hotel, 7pm
This blog has now surpassed 21000 views and lately has been averaging over 700 hits per month. Due to a change at committee level all advertisements/links on the blog will be removed in March.
We are offering one year’s advertisement on our blog, to anyone who is willing to donate some prizes for our presentation night raffle on 22nd March.
Anyone wishing to donate prizes please email us at for further details, or contact our members directly.
Thanks in advance.

Monday, 11 February 2013

A few recent changes in the club.

a few changes after the inverness ra74 agm meeting......
after 6 years at the helm myself and rab hay have stood as R.O's (will make it official in due course once the new pac sec is in place)
dont panic you's dont get rid of me that easy as i'm still plodding on as north of scotland L.O.
the new regime in Inverness will be....
Alan Wands....R.O.
Gordy Macdonald.....ass R.O.

So i would just like to wish Alan and Gordy every success in there new roles,and as always i'm never far away if needed.

Also Alan has taken on role of club sec,so all the best with that mate i'm sure we might get meeting minutes

feb outings.

this months outings will be sunday 10th and or 17th,meeting at the papershop in drum at 8a.m.

Tightlines and drive safe on the roads early sunday as gritters may not be out early.