Tuesday, 9 December 2008

2009 A.G.M/january meeting

2009 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING will be held on the 7th January at the clachnaharry inn,inverness 8pm

A.G.M AGENDA:any members with points for discussion or new proposals or ideas for the club please contact Rab Hay.We would like to try and have these on paper before the meeting in the hope of saving time and nothing is forgotten or missed on the night,thanks in advance.

TROPHYS:please could all trophies/shields and spoon be handed back in at the A.G.M so engraving can be done in plenty of time for the presentation night(date still to be confirmed),again many thanks.

SPORTS PERSON OF THE YEAR:also could all members bring along their vote for sports person of the year,again the same as last year,write your candidates name and a reason for nomination on a piece of paper and pop in a sealed envelope to be handed to Rab Hay at the A.G.M or before if that's possible,again many thanks.