Tuesday, 14 September 2010

HELP....stop the ban!


Guys, we need a big response here!!!!
please get in as many objections as we can before the 20th of september,even if it dont effect you now am sure in time it will as these bans tend to snowball and before long its nationwide,as much as i agree something has to be done a camping ban is not the way forward,not only would bivvies be banned but also day shelters and brollies, effectively spelling the end for bank fishing as we know it......this is the thin end of the wedge and if we dont try to stop it now,in time each and every one of us will suffer, wether it be a short day session to guys traveling up fom south to bivvie up for a few days?PLEASE TAKE 5 MINS TO HELP.
many thanks,

Sunday, 12 September 2010


this months outing will be SUNDAY 19TH/26TH.meeting at the TARVIE CAFE at 8am.tight lines and dont forget your midge cream.

help for heroes day

A big well done and thanks to all our members thats made it for this event to fish,help out and just be part of a great cause that not only raises money for the heroes fund but also highlights another great aspect of pike fishing, when we all come from far and wide,a united band of piking brothers and sisters to be part of a special day.
Scobes is chuffed to bits with the response and to date has raised just over £2000 with a few more things to be auctioned off soon on ebay as they were not available on the day.
Again a huge well done to scobes for making it all happen,our members for there surport and all that turned up and surported this event